I'm Juliet, but also answer to "Jules", "Julia" or sometimes even just "J"! I'm a Tennessee girl living the second half of my life in beautiful Northwest Arkansas with the love of my life, and my beautiful daughter. I'm a big believer in love, romance, and happiness for everyone. I base my business off of kindness and respect for others and forming a deep bond with my clients is the root of my business. I believe that people photograph from the inside out, and when people are happy and confident, they will always be more comfortable in front of the lens! My clients are all unique and individual, and they are never treated as just another publication opportunity for me. Your session is about YOU and I want you to love YOUR photographs! More personally, I am very down to earth, honest, and very detail-oriented. Your wedding day is as important to me as it is to you, and I want to give you photographs that represent every detail about your day! Let me help with your timeline, give advice, or just be there to talk to throughout the process! I love to help and I love to be there when I'm needed!


Hello, Love!

I have actually lived in 5 DIFFERENT STATES for at least some period of time — Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

I am a city girl and I get really nervous about being far away from civilization!

I DON'T LIKE SWEETS! I will have them on occasion, but I try not to eat a lot... it makes my teeth hurt!

I love flowers so much & would love to be a florist. Sadly, I KILL everything I touch... yes... even succulents.

I love photography, but I haven't always "been into it". Photography just sort of found me when I got a camera for Alex! Yes, that says FOR! He was the photographer first!

I hate touching towels. I will touch wet towels with dry hands or dry towels with wet hands, but not dry towels with dry hands. It's weird.

The sound of chewing/smacking/eating is enough to drive me mad. I HATE when people gulp their drinks too... ugh!

I have two very different college degrees: Fine Art (Graphic Design) and Biology. I wanted to be a dentist!

I have PINK hair. I like to experiment and be fearless.

Alex and I were married on a Saturday and then Baptized together the following Sunday. He's my best friend in love and my partner in Christ.



I am obsessed with flowers. I love the way they look and smell. I enjoy having fresh flowers around to brighten up a room or add color. Unfortunately, I am really bad at keeping them alive! So I stick to capturing their beauty on camera!


I never knew I wanted you, let alone NEEDED you. You are my greatest accomplishment, my biggest inspiration, and my baby forever.


I love big poodles, small poodles, and everything in between. This is my poodle, Ellie, as a puppy. She's like a child to us & we love her dearly!


I call them sneakers. My husband claims sneakers and tennis shoes are the same thing, but I love my Converse. I will choose them over anything, despite how worn they are. I love a bride who rocks them, too!


I LOVE CHEESE. I am thankful that, even though I struggle with milk, I can eat cheese. Add in some tasty grapes and you have yourself my healthy and delicious snack!


Say what you want. I love TS. And even though I enjoy a really wide range of music, I appreciate her style and clever lyrics. Also, she rocks red lipstick better than anyone.


I will always take simplicity and minimalism over anything that is flashy & overdone. I love the sophistication it portrays.


I love natural colors and textures that exist in nature, but none more than linen. I love its delicate color and soft texture. Hand washed linen just makes my heart flutter!